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PADev-Style Evaluation for The Hunger Project in Benin, Final Report (2015)

Participatory Assessment of Development

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PADev in the press

Interview with Prof Ton Dietz on Dutch national television at the occasion of his inaugural speech, entitled "Silverlining Africa", at the African Studies Centre in Leiden. (link)

Interview with Prof Ton Dietz on Radio Netherlands Worldwide, (link)(audio, mp3)

Interview with Prof Ton Dietz in Dutch newspaper Reformatorisch Dagblad (2 February 2011). "De toekomst is aan Afrika." (link)

Article by Prof Ton Dietz in Dutch newspaper Trouw (3 February 2011). "Afrikaanse leeuwen willen wereld veroveren."

Essay in "Internationale Samenwerking" by Ton Dietz & Fred Zaal | (link)

Essay in "The Broker Online" by Ton Dietz, Francis Obeng, Jerim Obure & Fred Zaal (link)

Interview with Prof. Ton Dietz on the website of the University of Amsterdam. (link)

PADev Quoted

A report by the Norwegian Agency for Development Corporation (Norad) about the wider effects of Norwegian civil society support to countries in the Global South mentions that PADev is the only evaluation effort they came across which has been able to capture long-term effects of development interventions beyond the narrow objectives of projects. It further quotes PADev work by Roger Bymolt, which finds that workshop participants tend to perceive a bigger impact of projects in the present than in the year in which the project was initiated. This, they write, is a positive sign for project sustainability.














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