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PADev-Style Evaluation for The Hunger Project in Benin, Final Report (2015)

Participatory Assessment of Development

MA Projects

Cornelis de Schipper

Youth perception: A research on the impact of development projects. MA thesis, Radboud University, Nijmegen. (completed 2012)

Zjos Vlaminck

PADev: The way forward: An Assessment of the Utilisation and Empowerment Capability, based on Fieldwork in East-Mamprusi, Northern Region, Ghana. MA thesis, University of Antwerpen. (completed 2011)

Roger Bymolt

HADev - Holistic Assessment of Development: Assessing the 'big picture' of development in Nanumba South, Ghana. (completed 2010) | website

Geneviève Audet-Bélanger

Participatory Assessment of Environmental Projects: Concerns and Realities of Villagers and Development Organisations in the East Mamprusi District, Ghana. (completed 2010) [infosheet]

Sanne Böhmer

“That's how it is” Local perceptions of the notion of education-for-development and its impact on people's livelihood strategies to improve their lives in Nandom, Ghana. (completed 2009)

Jolien Oosterheerd

Perceptions of the impact of migration on the development of the sending communities Dondometeng and Kogle, Northwest Ghana. (completed 2009)

Aurélien Marsais

Participation in the Land of the Righteous: Between Discourse and Development Reality in Burkina Faso. (completed 2009)

Agnieszka Kazimierczuk

Participatory Poverty Assessment and Participatory Evaluation of the Impact of Development Projects on Wealth Categories in Northern Ghana. (completed 2009) thesis: abstract: [infosheet]

Martha Lahai

Participatory Evaluation: Perception of Local People on Long-Term Impact of Development Interventions in Northern Ghana. (completed 2009) [infosheet]

Jerim Otieno Obure

Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation: A Meta- Analysis of Anti-Poverty Interventions in Northern Ghana. (completed 2008)

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